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The AeroInsta APK is a free Instagram Mod that serves to improve the more delicate features of any social app, including privacy and control. How secure is your data on Instagram? Do you trust the platform to handle your personal information carefully?
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Hazar Bozkurt
Feb 9, 2023
Android 9+

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What is AeroInsta APK?

The AeroInsta APK is a free Instagram Mod that serves to improve the more delicate features of any social app, including privacy and control. How secure is your data on Instagram? Do you trust the platform to handle your personal information carefully?

We’re all ignorant of the risks that come with these significant league social sites as long as we get what we came for: likes, followers, and fame, while the developers do the bare minimum but still make much more. AeroInsta gives you back control by offering various adjustable settings for your account, including privacy settings and customization features.

Apart from protecting your privacy, AeroInsta also enhances your user experience on the platform and is meticulously crafted to make it simple yet fun. So, how do you download this unique Instagram mod on your Android device? Well, you certainly won’t find it on the Play Store since it’s a third-party service. You can get your latest version of the mod from this original AeroInsta website.

Once you select your desired package, you must choose your color preference for the app which has various options including:

  • Default Dark-Light
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Extra dark
  • Blue
  • Coral pink
  • Green
  • Light Tone
  • Light Purple
  • Light Pink

Once you choose your color, you can download and install the app. Click on the link below to download the latest version of AeroInsta APK today.


AeroInsta APK comes packed with exotic features unlike any other social Mod application, including:



AeroInsta’s download settings come in many unique forms, such as:

Download Chat Media Files

Remember when we had to use third-party applications like download managers to save Instagram photos and videos from the DMs to our camera roll/gallery? Alternatively, you could screenshot the pictures but that would only result in low-resolution images on your phone. Instagram realized what a pain this was and simplified the process by letting users tap and hold any media file in their DMs for the download option to appear.

AeroInsta works with the same concept, but with this app, you don’t have to tap and hold anything. Simply enable this setting, and a download button appears to download all media files, including voices, in your chats. You can also allow download notifications to get alerts of the posts you’ve downloaded once they’re done.

Split Downloaded Media By Username

It’s always a stretch trying to identify the source of a post you downloaded off Instagram after forgetting all about it on your camera roll. You can’t find any information about the username of the Instagram account you downloaded, forcing you to search for answers.

No more! AeroInsta lets you download your posts to a subdirectory created with the username of the Instagram account you’ve downloaded. You can also set your desired path to download media files from Instagram to your Android device.



If you’re concerned about your privacy on social media, the Aeroinsta Instagram Mod offers multiple privacy features for your protection.

Hide Read Messages

Nobody likes being left on read; therefore, you wouldn’t want others to feel the same way when you leave them waiting for a reply. Unless you’re a cold-hearted person or the receiver deserves every bit of being ignored. So, if you’d like to prevent people from knowing that you read their messages through the “seen” notification, enable this setting.

Hide Typing Information

Say someone asks you a personal question whose answer is hard to explain. Sometimes you’d start typing your reply and change your mind mid-sentence, then decide to forego it altogether. It’s normal and understandable. However, the recipient in your DM might feel differently about this because they’ve already seen the “typing” information. So how do you mask this? Simple, with the AeroInsta application that disables this option.

Hide View Stories

In my opinion, one of the most annoying habits is watching somebody’s stories and receiving a DM immediately after from the owner just because I’m counted as a viewer. This is especially true with marketers promoting their products or services on these stories. You’d view them once, and they’re all up in your DMs asking whether you’re interested in what they offer.

Perhaps I’m the only one that feels this way. But, if you want to prevent story owners from knowing that you viewed their stories for this or whatever other reason, enable this setting on AeroInsta today.

Hide View Live

Stalking someone on a live stream? That’s wrong unless they did you wrong and never apologized. While sometimes it’s impossible to let go, it’s always possible to hide your viewer’s status on someone’s live stream with the AeroInsta. This option enables you to walk into someone’s live stream without anyone knowing until you send a message.

The app displays a “Ghost Viewer” warning at the top right of your screen to inform you that you’re watching the stream in secret. On the other hand, when this feature is active, the app bars you from seeing the number of viewers on the live stream. Small price to pay for ghost mode, wouldn’t you say?



Security is essential for anyone’s device, and the AeroInsta gives you the lock and key to your account.

Security Preferences

If anyone could easily access your Instagram account, I bet they’d find an entirely different person from the ‘you’ they know in your DMs. For that reason, or any other, it’s always advisable to lock your Instagram account firmly. The AeroInsta app lets you create a fingerprint and pin code to protect your account from falling into the wrong eyes when your device isn’t in your hands. You can also reset your security preferences here.

Set Timeout

Timeouts go hand in hand with security preferences because while you may have a password for your device, anyone can snoop around if you forget to lock your screen after use. AeroInsta lets users set a timeout for their security preferences to lock their Instagram account once the set time expires. You can opt to set your timeout for seconds, minutes, or hours after exiting the app. The best option will always be in seconds because it’s better to be extra cautious than ignorant.

Set Background

This is one of my favorite lock features because I’m yet to find another app that offers a similar experience. Of course, there are probably tons of other applications with a similar feature, but when it comes to social platforms, this Instagram Mod takes the lead.

You can choose the desired background image displayed when scanning your fingerprint or entering your pin code instead of using the default app appearance. These images can be chosen from your phone’s gallery, and you can also change the background color while you’re at it.

Hide Notifications

Activating this setting hides message notifications on your lock screen whenever a security profile is active. This way, prying eyes won’t get a glimpse of the content in your DMs whenever someone sends you a message.

General Settings


There are several general settings you can enable to give you complete control of your user experience, including:

Disable Ads

Imagine if you could remove all ads displayed on your Instagram account, including the ones in your stories and feeds. Well, you now can with the AeroInsta APK. This feature lets you browse through feeds and people’s stories without coming across any popup or video ad telling you where to get the best moisturizer for your toes.

Hide Shopping Ads

I dislike shopping ads because, if you’re anything like me, they get you hooked on unnecessary products and services. You’d be browsing casually through accounts and stores when an ad pops up showcasing the best office shoes that can be worn in the bathroom to save time. I’d be crazy enough not to visit the site to find out more and even crazier not to buy myself a pair. However, AeroInsta lets you disable shopping ads on posts and other screens on your account.

Remove Recommended Friends

Instagram uses AI to collect data and create personalized recommendations. But I don’t want to be friends with a stranger just because we have a comrade in common. Such recommendations seem pointless unless you’re the type to see where your feed takes you. You can remove recommended users/friends in your feed by enabling this feature on your AeroInsta application.

Disable Analytics

Your data is never safe on any social platform and that includes Instagram. These sites collect personal information for various reasons with the most showcased one being to create personalized recommendations for users. Still, your information can fall into the wrong hands and your account can be locked for example. AeroInsta allows you to disable analytics preventing Instagram from collecting data about your account. The only catch is if you have a business account because you won’t see data about the effectiveness of your business online.

Photos in Max Quality

Instagram has an undoable habit of compressing photos by screen width reducing their quality when viewed or downloaded. AeroInsta lets you disable this restriction and can also improve photo quality if you desire. Yet, enabling this feature may sometimes cause lags and “out of memory” crashes so you should be prepared for any surprises.

In-App Browser

Just because you decline the cookie requests in your browser doesn’t mean your data is secure. Different browsers come with different security levels and using the in-app Instagram browser when you click on a link isn’t always the safest option. For that reason, AeroInsta lets you open Instagram links using the default in-app browser or the ones installed on your phone for security reasons.



Here you can customize various features regarding your Instagram stories like the following.

Increase Story/ Reels/ IGTV Upload Quality

Did you know that you can increase the quality of your uploads with AeroInsta to make them more desirable? Your Instagram stories differ in quality from the original media files before uploading. The quality gets lowered every time you upload something to fit the platform’s upload standard capabilities. Using these features, you can use AeroInsta to improve the quality of your uploads for your stories, reels, and IGTV.

Disable Stories Autoskip

Some people post interesting stories that need patience and attention to detail to enjoy. Unfortunately, these stories autoskip, and you have to start all over again or constantly place your finger on the screen to prevent it from moving on to the next content. The finger method is best suited for photos and not videos because these uploads stop playing when you hold onto the screen. With the Aeroinsta application, you can disable stories autoskip to prevent stories from automatically moving on to the next upload until you touch the screen.

60 Second Stories

The maximum length for an IG story is usually 15 seconds, while photos can only be viewed for 7 seconds when uploaded. However, you can use the AeroInsta APK to break these limitations and force the duration of your stories to 60 seconds of fame.



You can change various aspects of your IG feed with AeroInsta, including:

Long Tap to Zoom

This feature lets you view any post with a photo in full screen and also zoom in as much as you desire using finger gestures in the same mode.

Download Posts With Triple Tap

One tap usually opens the post; two taps like it, and the AeroInsta app lets you use three taps to download any post onto your device. Pretty sleek right?

Remove Seen Posts

It’s pointless to view a post and have it come up on your feed over and over again just because it’s trending. As such, AeroInsta lets you hide the posts you’ve already seen from your homepage leaving you with fresh content all day long.

Low Resolution Photos/ Videos

Instagram is one of the major social platforms that are notorious for consuming loads of data because of the many images and video posts uploaded every second on the platform. Unless you have a data plan, you might end up using a lot of your data browsing through the site. AeroInsta lets you lower the resolution of posts on your feed to help save your data and keep you active online.

Enable the “Translate” Button for Comments

The comment section is full of diverse people with diverse native languages. Instead of using a translator app or site to understand a certain comment in a foreign language, AeroInsta can translate it for you inside the comments with the click of a button.


Here you can change the chat background color, gradient color mode, use an image instead of color for your chat background, and even choose the specific image you want from your gallery.

What's new

-Instagram base version updated to
-Added "Enable notes feature" guide router to Aero Privileges 》 General.
-Added "Enable search bar in story viewers" guide router to Aero Privileges 》 General.
-Added "Sound indicator icon in stories" option to Aero Privileges 》 Stories.
-Added some information boxes.
-Updated some fonts.
-Fixed some bugs.
-Improved ad blocking.
-Improved mark as read feature.