Google Server Hosting

Google Server Hosting gives users access to one of the largest networks in the world, but also ensures consumers have less downtime as we can now utilize live migrations of virtual machines. Today we want to dive deeper into Google Server Hosting.

According to a survey performed by SADA Systems, they found that about 85% IT managers are using the Infrastructure Cloud Computing.

Google Server Hosting

According to Cisco, about 92% of all data center traffic will move to cloud. According to Google Trends, Google Server Hosting has gained a lot of traction in recent times. Google Server Hosting offers the most flexible, secure, and cost-effective solutions. Google Server Hosting saves a lot of money on IT staffing and allows quick scaling of an online platform or a solution.

Google Server Hosting is one of the many services provided by the Google Cloud Platform. Some Notable brands are now using Google Server Hosting. Some of these brands which use Google Server Hosting are Spotify, HSBC, Snapchat, Coca Cola, Ubisoft and much more. Even Apple is now migrating to Google Server Hosting, by spending a huge amount of around $600 million.

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Evernote is also moving it’s 200 million user-base to the Google Server Hosting.

Google Server Hosting

Google Server Hosting Advantages

Now let us take a look at the advantages of using the Google Server Hosting over the other cloud providers:

  1. Better Pricing
  2. Private Fiber Network
  3. Live Migration of Machines
  4. Improved Performance
  5. Redundant Backups
  6. Dedication to Continued Expansions
  7. State of Art Security

Google Server Hosting have a lot of advantages over it’s rivals. It is cheaper and the clients will benefit from the largest networks in the world.

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