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Bernhard Tewes
May 18, 2021
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Awarded by the International Hypnosis Congress, Zurich

Among the “TOP 44 Apps to Know”
BILD Newspaper

“The app actually managed to pacify the critic!”
Self-test in “Business Punk” magazine

How it works:
HypnoBox mod apk helps you to achieve a natural state of deep relaxation with hypnosis. In this state, your subconscious is optimally able to absorb new thought and behavioural suggestions.

• Choose from more 600 audio suggestion elements
• Create your own tailored hypnosis sessions
• Female or male voice selectable
• Record your own suggestions for your hypnosis
• Import suggestions (WAV or MP3)
• Choose your personal background, sleep sounds & meditation music
• Record or import background music and sleep sounds
• Direct suggestions in the first person (“I”)
• Best recording studio quality
• Can be used offline

Developed by experienced hypnotherapists!

Start immediately and load the Free Box:
You will get 4 free sessions on “Relaxation”, “Better Sleep”, “Better Memory” and “Do it!”. You have instant access to 9 free suggestion elements, as well as the functions of recording and importing your own audio. If you buy more suggestion packages, which are bundled in boxes in the library, you will also get ready-made hypnosis sessions to go with them.

Key facts about hypnosis in brief:
• Self hypnosis is completely natural
• 90-95% of our thoughts and actions originate from our subconscious, so this is where it makes sense to change mental programs to our advantage
• Hypnosis isn’t sleep, but focused relaxation. You are fully aware & your conscious mind is always present. It just moves into the background
• Your subconscious is more responsive in hypnosis and can accept new thoughts and behavior suggestions
• You only absorb the suggestions that you really want to absorb
• You will definitely not stay in hypnosis forever. You will wake up naturally at some point or just relax and sleep well

A session is your time for personal selfhypnosis and, in principle, is like a playlist of content.
A hypno session consists of:

• Induction and Deepening (guides you into hypnosis)
• Suggestions for your topic
• Awakening
• Background sounds

Induction and deepening take you into hypnosis, to enable you to subconsciously absorb the suggestions as well as possible. Awakening brings you back out of hypnosis. You can leave out the awakening if you want to use HypnoBox to calm down with sleep hypnosis to fall asleep, relax and sleep well.

• Single purchase
You can buy each of the over 600 suggestion, music and sleep hypnosis sound modules individually. Several suggestions are bundled by topic in “Boxes”, and are better value than when purchased individually. If you purchase a box, you normally get several ready-made sessions featuring the suggestions from the box you have purchased, so you can start straightaway with your self-hypnosis or sleep hypnosis. You will have access to this content for an unlimited time.
• Annual subscription unlocks all current and future content of the HypnoBox mod apk self-hypnosis app. You pay the price every year. More information about cancelling is in the settings menu.

The developer:
Bernhard Tewes is the author and founder of HypnoBox mod apk – The Self Hypnosis App. As an experienced hypnotherapist, he works with innovative hypnosis & guided meditation and sleep methods such as the “Tewes Technique” in his office in Berlin/Germany.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact info@hypnobox.com. We are always happy to give you info about self hypnosis.

Better sleep with HypnoBox mod apk? For great sleep hypnosis check out the “Sleep Box” in the hypno app to relax and sleep well. We also offer sleep sounds and meditation music. If you are looking for hypnosis sleep stories for adults, check out the “Spiritual Box”. Meditation and sleep in the “Meditation Box”.

Hypnosis is natural – enjoy the HypnoBox mod apk!

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