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This fact-filled fully interactive app is the only Periodic Table you need.
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May 5, 2021
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This fact-filled fully interactive app is the only Periodic Table you need.

This periodic table is for children, students, and everyone who wants to learn about chemical elements and the periodic table.

In this Periodic Table application, you will find a huge amount of data about chemical elements for free.

This Periodic table has a long-form, which has been adopted worldwide by IUPAC.
It consists of 7 periods, 18 groups, and 118 elements.

This is a Modern Periodic Table with all elements and their properties, the elements are divided into 9 categories:

1. Alkali Metals
2. Alkaline Earth Metals
3. Transition Metals
4. Post-transition Metals
5. Metalloids
6. Non-metals
7. Nobel Gases
8. Lanthanides
9. Actinides

The elements information is categorized into different properties like:
– Atomic Properties
– Thermodynamic Properties
– Material Properties
– Electromagnetic Properties
– Reactivity
– Nuclear Properties
– Prevalence

The Periodic Table also includes daily and scientific uses of each element.
It also includes rich images of elements.

A visual Periodic Table with images will help you to see all element images at the same time.

You can classify elements by properties like:

– Phase at STP
– Block
– Metallic
– Radioactive
– Nobel Metals
– Natural Occurring
– Elements in life processes
– Ancient Elements
– Magnetic Type
– Decay Mode

You can search element with properties like
– Element Name
– Atomic Number
– Atomic Weight
– Atomic Mass Number
– Element Symbol
– Year
– Density
– Mass Number
– Atomic Radius
– Electronegativity Value

Other elements related to information includes:

– Isotopes
The application includes all the stable and non-stable isotopes. It also contains information about half-life, spin, decay mode, and abundance.

– Ionization energies
This Periodic table includes all the ionization energies of elements given in eV.

– Solubility Chart
A chart with a list of ions and how, when mixed with other ions, they can become precipitates or remain aqueous.

– Molar Mass Calculator
An easy-to-use calculator, to find the Molar mass of elements or compounds using molecular formula.

– Emission Spectrum
A spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the elements. You will also find the wavelength information emitted by the elements.

– Elements Facts
Most interesting and knowledgeable facts about periodic table and elements in general.

Chemistry is wonderful, so I have included more chemistry-related information in this periodic table application.

– Glossary:
A curated dictionary for chemistry-related terms.

– Electrochemical Series:
Electrochemical series is a series of chemical elements arranged in order of their standard electrode potential.

– Molecular Formula
A list of molecular formulas and common names of compounds.

– Name Reaction
Useful name reactions including
Sandmeyer Reaction,
Gattermann Reaction,
Finkelstein Reaction,
Swarts Reaction,
Wurtz Reaction,
Kolbe Reaction, and many more reactions.

– Equation Balancer
Balance unbalanced equation using equation balancer.

– Polyaromatic Carbons
Structures of cyclic or aromatic carbons with their common names.

– Common names of compounds
Did you know the formula for T.N.T, know this and many more common names of compounds.

– Functional groups
Get all the prefixes and suffixes of functional groups in organic chemistry.

– Important Indicators
Know the acidic and basic range of all important indicators.

– Top chemists
Find all your favorite chemistry scientists in the app.

– Bond Energies
Learn the bond energies of common bonds in organic chemistry.
and many more…

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